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John Vesely is a song writer. He began his musical career as a journeyman bass player in the San Francisco Bay area. After meeting his wife, Vesely switched to the acoustic guitar and began writing songs. He created song to sing by himself on his band called secondhand serenade which found in 2004, he created songs to amuse his fans and to serenade his wife, he make a songs with his guitar, he is an acoustical musician , at his first album john sing his songs in an acoustic and just sing alone, but since he divorced his wife in 2008 he made the new changes on his second album twist in my story which brought a full band. John’s theme song is a lot of sadness , separation, and broken heart, john very sad because of his divorce with his wife and those felling, he pour into his song.

John joseph Vesely haS a blood from American and rusian he's got a beautiful brown eyes with brown eye brows, cropped blond hair, he has a sharp nose and sweet lips, her face is very charming, he is tall and muscular, and her skin colour is white like an American generally  , he has tattoo on his both of arms , he also has an unique voice and very sweet that can be soothing,

I think he's very handsome , and good at her job as a songwriter, in addition he was also a singer and guitarist

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Anonymous said...

what color are his eyes?

yola savitri said...

brown, i think

Resty Rachmawati said...

Hey don't use 'her' because he doesn't woman.

rockeronhere said...

Oh I'm sorry for my mistake or maybe typo :)

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